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Templates: In case you’ve been paying attention, you will understand there are no templates involved with The Grid’s automated site creation. What The Grid ends up producing ranges. You can make designs are produced by the system till it provides you.

Mobile Editor: One benefit The Grid has over many web site builders is the fact that there’s a Grid app available for both iPhone and Android devices. web grid host is a wonderful little instrument, also if it worked correctly, would be a simple and fast means to add posts to your website. It seems to be just as glitchy as its desktop counterpart. Nonetheless, it has to be said: The Grid’s sites are best for ingestion. I enjoyed the look of my website better on my iPhone than.

Although The Grid lets you connect with outside services like PayPal and Wufoo via promo codes and so on, native integrations are scant. You can add a map and through the dashboard, you can connect to your Google Analytics account.

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Customer Support

At this stage in its evolution, The Grid’s customer service is quite bare-bones. There is a knowledge base and an email contact form. No chat, no phone service, and no user forums. However, there was did respond my email query over half an evening, and a Grid representative helpful.

Negative Reviews and Complaints Web designers mocked some of the sites. One designer’s response was”Well. We’re maintaining our jobs” while the other opined”From these samples can observe grid.io carving out a niche for online ransom notes.” Zing!

One”founding member” committed a 68 minute video to describing why The Grid stinks (his words), describing the port as”among the very primitive, rustic, crappy interfaces I have ever seen for any kind of online software since GeoCities.”

Favorable Reviews and Testimonials

Some of the more recent impressions of this Grid’s websites have been more positive. One user on Quora who had been critical of The Grid’s development revised his evaluation after The Grid’s official launch:

“I’ve yet to create my own site on this platform, but I must say that I have been pleasently [sic] amazed by the standard of a few of the websites I’ve observed. They’re quite pleasant although they are not cutting edge. I really hope they continue to develop the stage because it is looking fairly good.”

Final Verdict

Since the developers easily admit, The Grid is a work in progress. You can attribute many of its issues. The Grid is requesting your money in exchange for its services, and at the moment, those services do not fulfill the vision set forth by the business. The Grid guaranteed a completely different paradigm of AI-fueled site development, but what it produces today is essentially a less user friendly, more flimsily-featured variant of Impress.ly — a automatic site creator having a less braggadocious marketing department.

I’ve kept my eye on The Grid, and I’m sad to say that no progress was made towards getting the service to operate correctly. It remains a laggy, glitchy mess that provides a poor user experience even on the odd occasion when it will work. The unique approach to website development of the Grid is but, alas, it’s simply not there. A product which purports to earn website building simple, imaginative, and enjoyable instead produces. You’ll have a much better experience than you will with The Grid, building a site with a traditional website builder.