All to know about eyelash extensions and their benefits and usage

Long eyelashes have always been identified as an emblem of feminine beauty and will continue to be so for coming times as well, and all women wish to have and graciously sport luscious eyelashes. And with advent of the helpful eyelashes extension in the market, every woman can now materialize their dreams of glittering and beautiful eyes whenever they wish.

Eyelashes extension is basically what one adds or joins to the existing natural eye lashes. The procedure of the adding such extensions is pretty non-invasive and involves no pain or discomfort at all, and synthetic yet natural looking lashes are simply added on and to the eyelash. The artificial extensions are very light weight and is manufactured absolutely organically thereby causing no harm to the person.

eyelashes extension

The eye lash extensions are very comfortable to adorn and are hardly discernible at a normal look. And with making the eyelashes looking longer than normal, the extensions also make them appear thicker giving a perfect depth to the eye. And beauty techniques like curling can also be added on the extensions to give a salon and chique look. Distinguished Spades Beauty provide clinical and professional services in attaching eyelashes extension made mainly out of silk, mink or even synthetic materials, and these lashes are attached with the best adhesives available causing no distress to the client and give an authentic look as each lashes are attached absolutely separately.

The benefits of eyelash extensions

Looking beautiful is everyone’s aspiration and having beautiful eyes is every woman’s dream and eyelashes extension helps in great deal. There is a multitude of benefits ad mostly all of them are absolutely cosmetic.

  • These extensions aid in making the eye looking bigger, better and the lashes looking thicker and longer, but still sustaining the natural look. The eyelashes being extended make the eye look much fuller, enhancing the entire beauty of the face.
  • People having non-uniform or scantily dense eye lashes can turn to this peacefully.
  • Non-cosmetic benefits of this eyelashes extension is that this procedure is absolutely non-invasive and has no side effect.

How long can the eyelash extensions be used for?

With fashion and cosmetic developments happening every day, there are a variety of eyelashes extension available in the market that the ladies ca choose from and see which type suits which type of lash perfectly. Each set of eyelash extension available has their own merits and demerits like how long the extensions can be used for or for how much of a prolonged usage the extension will continue to look same beautiful. But primarily the span of an eyelash extension mainly depends on the rate of growth of the natural eyelashes. In normal eyelashes takes almost thirty to sixty days to grow to its full length with almost one or two being shed daily. So taking that into consideration eyelashes extension have to be replaced every month almost.

Almost everyone generally qualifies to take on these extensions with the exceptions of people with really weak or short lashes and people who have pre-existing conditions of infections. A consultation with a doctor and beautician is imminent before going for these extensions. All these pioneering services are provided by Spades Beauty in helping women get the desired eye lashes and beautiful eyes.