Perfect Guide to Choose Golf Balls and Golfing Clubs

Playing the game of golf can be entertaining and adventurous when you are at the startup level. As you get trained and shape your skills you can progressively move towards becoming full time professional. Everything depends on the coach, golf kit and of course the golf ball. You might start playing in amateur level golf grounds. But you need to switch over to professional golf courses once you start your training.

Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Modern golf ball has an average weight of XX Grams and a diameter of XX centimeters. The dimples on the ball surface is supposed to give extra lift to the flight of the ball and added momentum on the golf grounds. According to the experts there are many types of golf balls, made of different materials. But all of them are supposed to be within the given range of diameter and weight.

  • Once you have chosen a specific type of ball it is better to continue playing with it during the initial stages of your training period. This will give you definiteness in shaping your skills in hitting the golf ball.
  • As you go on fine tuning your skills in swing, putting, stroke play and other techniques you might wish to experiment with the other types of golf ball. This will give versatility to your playing methods.

Golfing clubs

Choosing the Right Golfing Clubs

Selection of the golfing clubs depends on the level in which you are playing and the types of shots you wish to execute. For most of the long distance shots the swing plays an important role in getting you the right shot distance in yardage.

  • Golfing clubs are named iron and woods. The earlier forms of wooden clubs were literally shaped from laminates or hard types of wood. But the modern gold clubs are made of metals, though the name wood is still retained.
  • The woods golfing clubs are numbered from 1 to 11. The 1-wood is mostly useful for playing the four-par and five-par ground teeing. If you wish to play long shots directed away from the fair-ways you can use wood-3 to wood-11.
  • The numbering for iron golfing clubs start from 1 and end up at 9. You can use the 8 and 9 irons for playing long distance shots. The iron clubs with numbers in the range of 5 to 7 are mostly used for playing mid range shots. The irons from 1 to 4 are mostly useful for playing the approaching type of shots. So you can find many types of golfing clubs which can be used. The putter is a special type of club used for playing the putting shots, as the name suggest.
  • According to golf rules you can carry maximum of 14 golfing clubs while playing. You may choose from the woods, irons and putters according your requirement for that particular session of play. When you get professional coaching from a PGA grade trainer, you will be able to make the selection of golfing clubs clearly.