Rent A Car Monthly Abu Dhabi in Best Price

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Hiring process for locals and tourists:

If you are a tourist then all you have to do is to have a valid passport, valid visa and an international license as well as tend to tell is where do you want us to drop the car.

If you are local then the process is simple as well, all you have to do is to make sure to have an emirates id, passport and a license.

Security deposit is valid in both cases which is a refundable amount.

The process of selection is simple as well.

Make sure to look for the required car that you want to take, of all the selected and available cars make sure to search it thorough.

Tend to select a point where you can book your service with extreme care whatsoever. Do assure to stabilize and serve up the best in the lot with.

After selecting choose a payment option whether you want to do it on cash or deposit or you want to go for credit, it is all up to you, choose a destination where you want us to drop your car.

We will drop it off there and also in the beginning of the process know for sure about the time of usage because there are other customers who are waiting in the list as well.

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