Best Game Server Hosting Providers In Comparison for 2020

How to choose the best game server hosting provider for you

Fundamental guidelines which apply for many hosting providers apply here also. But here is the gist of it:Make sure they support the match you are planning on hosting. Either go through their site or contact them. By”support” every hosting provider has different criteria and what their scope of support actually is. The majority of the time they have prepared 1-click install choices for your game servers, as well as support.

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Make certain the game host type supports the amount of players that are planned. If you plan on using the host with some of friends and family, then it’s possible to go for a server with fewer resources, but if you intend on hosting a multiplayer server with heaps of players, then you’d want to find a VPS with more funds or a dedicated host. Check the game’s official guidelines on which a server requires for a number of players, or contact the provider. Every game has different server requirements, so there’s no’one size fits all” for game servers.

Assess if they supply DDoS protection. Game titles are a frequent target for DDoS attacks. You should go with them When DDoS protection is offered by a provider. In the event that your server is properly secured by you you might not need DDoS protection at all.

Check their reviews/uptime. Look for the provider on Twitter — check what kind of reviews they receive. Some review websites can’t really be reliable, but if you notice a good deal of reviews saying they experienced downtime (which is typical for awful game server hosting providers) — you may want to avoid them.

Do not go for a free host hosting supplier. This is just an accident waiting to happen. We won’t go into details, but basically, with the game you shouldn’t expect fast servers, any uptime, or any service.

Select a server place closest to the gamers. Select a server location from the US, rather than the exact same state if the majority of the players are from the united states.

Exclude web hosting hosting out of your own requirements. You do not actually need it, although some game hosting providers provide website hosting as well. You are better off getting”normal” hosting and hosting your own website/community there, instead of with the sport hosting supplier. The”normal” web hosting providers are usually a far better option since they concentrate in just that — hosting sites. They have particular control panels, experienced tech support reps, they are more affordable, etc..

SSDs and latest hardware are essential. Do not even think about getting an HDD server at 2020.

…and much more! It always depends upon what kind of requirements the game has and what you actually require. Common guidelines apply here too, as stated before, but at the end of the day, it all depends on your needs.

What to choose — technical game server hosting providers or standard server hosting providers?

This is a common dilemma among gamers. It actually boils down to exactly what you’re going to use the server for, how simple it’s to set up it, and just how experienced you are. Here are some scenarios and use cases:

If you’ve got experience with servers, get an unmanaged server and set it up yourself. It is way cheaper. You may follow tutorials. With a VPS that is managed, the hosting provider will manage the machine for you, but you have to manage the game server yourself. Meaning, you’ll need to set up, configure, and maintain the hosted match yourself. But you can still contact them and ask them if they’ll do so for you they may help.

In case you don’t have any experience in any way, go with a technical game hosting supplier. In this case, the hosting provider makes the task of hosting a match simple. They provide various options for server mods, game server management panels servers, 1-click installations, 24/7 support, and more. We are going to compare this type of hosting providers below.

Best Game Server Hosting Providers Comparison

We just picked the best. No EIG hosts, zero hosts with reviews. If you opt for some of these you can not fail. It’s possible to compare them by more, pricing, and attributes. The pricing depends on server kind and what game you’ll choose. We utilized their 2GB RAM Minecraft server plans to use for our pricing column. It is possible to find another discount using a billing cycle that is longer or a voucher. You are also able to get a program that is more affordable with less RAM. Some hosting providers (such as Host Havoc) utilize Xeon E5 and SSDs/NVMe, which is the reason they are somewhat more costly than the others. Assess the website for more info of each provider. The list isn’t ordered in any way. It’s arbitrary. You can reorder yourself. You can leave a comment below In case you have any suggestions.