Job offers for real estate business advisor + 8 errors of a real estate sales advisor

In our Capital Smart City isl real estate blog we love to learn from mistakes made by other real estate sales consultants in the past and make a special effort not to make them, and transmit it in this way to our readers. In this case, we have greatly expanded our knowledge thanks to Kathy Caprino and have included our point of view on each of the mistakes made by a real estate sales advisor.

Recently an article by Kathy Caprino came into our hands that was especially useful, since it focused on real estate sales techniques  that we also consider ineffective and that the only thing they can cause is the failure to achieve the sale.

Today we tell you the common mistakes and the best job offers for a real estate business advisor.

8 common mistakes of a real estate sales consultant

Let’s see one by one those misinterpretations of the real estate sales consultant, which can lead to break a professional relationship, and therefore, the sale that we try to carry out:

1. Trust too much in the presentation of the sale

Actually, preparing a presentation of photographs can take a long time, and it is very simple to fall into the error of selling a property for granted simply because our presentation is impeccable and very attractive to the client. The first step is never to underestimate a customer.

2. Talk too much (and not listen)

Basic. As we mentioned in a previous article in the KYC (Know Your Customer) technique , knowing your client is essential to offer you exactly what you are looking for, without misunderstanding, and avoiding a job in vain. Try never to make this mistake.

3. Believe that you are able to give house for sale in Islamabad to anyone

It is not true, however special you are and excellent in your home sales techniques. Again, you would be underestimating your client. Starting a professional relationship can end drastically with the sales prospects.

4. Try to convince the client by changing their perspective

Do not try to “re-educate” him in his way of thinking. If the client wants a home in a certain neighborhood, do not try to direct it to another one that suits you more to sell, trying to modify their way of thinking. That is not the way, and the customer will perceive it. Listen to him and offer him what he wants.

5. Forget that you as a real estate sales advisor also have to make decisions during the process

The customer is not the only one who must make certain decisions during the entire buying and selling process. There may come a time when you, as a professional, are not worth continuing to invest time and effort in a particular client. Try to always know when it is up to you to make a decision and apply it.

6. Work for free to get the sale of real estate

We are all tempted to work overtime to offer the customer what they want, even if that means not charging for that extra time. All for sale … right? But … Are you sure that by acting like this you will get the deal closed? Avoid these temptations that usually lead to final feelings of frustration.

7. Be your own enemy

Setting limits on yourself can be one of the biggest conditions when it comes to showing your client all your experience in the market. Neither should you believe yourself capable of doing everything, nor setting limited limits on your good work. Simply, there is the midpoint.

8. Pray that your client does not notice that fault…

Trusting that you do not realize that house failure is not the best way to channel a professional relationship so that it ends up for sale. Be honest and honest, but always try to have solutions prepared for when you talk about this problem in the sale of the home, so that the client gets more information about how to solve it than about the fault itself.

Job offers for real estate business consultant

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These are the 8 most common mistakes of a real estate sales consultant proposed by Kathy Caprino and the best job offers.

Do you know more common mistakes or more job portals for real estate business advisor? c