Success through Social Transformation with Trans Siu

Tran SiuMost of the modern standards of society have defined success purely from personal or organizational perspectives. For Trans Siu success means much more than this limited definition. He looks at it from the perspective of whole society with all the communities and ethnic groups. Ever since took over office at Brimbank he has brought many changes to the economical lives of the underprivileged. His aim is to bring the minority communities into the mainstream of the society by improving their social and economical standards. He believes they will be able to contribute constructively, given their high standards of traditional and cultural values.

Social Architecture of Trans Siu at Work

Being a creative architect Trans Siu has been able to design many marvelous structures with his unique designs. As the deputy mayor of Brimbank he has been able to architect many lives to shape their prospective future.

  • Education to the minority communities in Sunshine has been one of the main agendas of Trans Siu. He sees it from the broader perspective of academic and non-academic perspectives. Business training, technical training, sports coaching and other multiple activities have shown the path of higher education and careers to many students in the Sunshine communities.
  • Local business entrepreneurships have received many schemes under the active leadership of Trans Siu. Today the youth and the adults from this region of Sunshine communities are able to earn a reputation among corporate heads in Brimbank.
  • Keeping the women’s business and entrepreneurship interest alive is among the top priorities today. He has been encouraging women from minority communities to take up career and business oriented at the earliest. He has opened many schemes of grants and loans which help them achieve economic independence.
  • During his political and social tenure at Brimbank Trans Siu has faced many obstacles to his programs. But he has been able to demonstrate highest degree of patience and persistence with his development programs. As a result one can come across many successful individuals and groups from the communities in Sunshine. All of them have utilized the economical grants and loans granted to improve their personal, family and community standards to a great extent.

Passing the Good Deeds of Trans Siu

In spite of not wanting any personal success, it has eventually followed Trans Siu in all the ventures he has entered so far. He has been personally successful from the teenage through his graduation in multiple fields, till he reached the office of deputy mayor in Brimbank.

Tran Siu

  • He believes and practices transformation of personal goals into community and social common goals. He has been involving many communities from the Sunshine to tap the resources and become successful.
  • The development of his ward at harvester has been one of the top priorities for Trans Siu. He has been actively involved in community developments, lifestyle improvements, trade and commerce enhancements and other social service activities. The people from all the communities in Brimbank have benefited from the social and economic transformations of Trans Siu.