Personal Injury due to Artificial Implants

The intensity of personal injuries due to artificial implants can become cases of lawsuit against the firm responsible for the side effects. The intensity of the injury, it’s after effects resulting in diseases like skin disorders, cancer and other critical conditions will be considered for the evaluation of claim money.

Some of the most common causes for which the medical malpractices lawyers from the firm – Parker Waichman can file law suits are listed here. The actual list could include many others, for which you need to visit the website and get to know the complete details. - Parker Waichman

Breast Implants causing Health Deterioration

  • Most of the breast implants in which silicon, plastic and other chemically processed materials are used, might cause severe symptoms like skin cancer. They may also lead to internal organ damages or miscarriages during pregnancy. In such cases your personal injury lawyer at Florida conducts medical investigation into the incident, which is actively supported by a government approved specialist.
  • The liability of the manufacturing firm due to its negligence in conforming to the medical standards can be a point to be investigated. The other probability is the negligence on part of the implanter to conform to the safety and precautionary measures during implantation. Your lawyer will consider all the points related to these two entities and others involved in the process and post process treatments. Once he is able to gather sufficient evidences he will be able to prepare the lawsuit documents.

Therapeutic Treatments Causing Personal Injury

Patients recovering from surgery for cancer and tumors are generally advised to go for therapy to heal the internal injuries. Any negligence on part of the doctor or the medical staff can cause serious side effects like skin inflammation, melanoma and other biopsy related disorders. Some forms of side effects will be observed within a short period, while the others might take long time to become visible.

  • The evidence of side effects during the long term could be difficult to establish due to many other changes in the physiological conditions of the patient. The medical specialist appointed by your personal injury lawyer should be able to establish concrete links between the causes and the consequences in the long run. This may require extended analysis and tests which need to be conducted afresh. Based on the reports from these tests and the reports given by the earlier doctors, the specialist might be able to establish the link.
  • This report is then submitted to your personal injury lawyer. Then he evaluates your case for the sum of compensation money you are entitled to claim from the defendant. He may also seek options to claim medical / health insurance. For this you need to submit the claim form to the insurance company based on the recommendations made by your lawyer.
  • Initially your lawyer may wait for the response from insurance firm. If he gets a negative response he may opt for negotiations as the first resolve to settle the claim. He may adopt the similar approach with the defendants also. If the results are negative he will file the lawsuit at the court of law on your behalf.