World Class Manufacturing Standards of Borescopes

Most of the top quality Borescopes are designed and developed by the German manufacturing companies. The most critical parts belonging to the optics come from this part of the world, while the digital parts are supplied by the American and other European companies. The manufacturing standards are derived from the European and UL certification authorities apart from the ISO product and environmental protection Agency specifications. In fact you will be able to visually verify these parameters on the product labeling. Some of the quality standards applicable for the optics and digital components are explained here. You will be able to get a brief overview of those features which you need to check in the products you intend to buy in the near future.

Borescopes Borescopes Optics Standards

Borescopes are expensive devices to buy, especially for the residents who might use them rarely. Hence most of them are dependent on the professional plumbers who might have collections of standard Borescopes. If you own a manufacturing or construction company dealing with pipes, canals, chimneys and other narrow structures, you might think of owning a few for your regular applications.

  • Lens Standards: – The primary objective lens has a NANO coating to enhance the characters like refractive index, light baffling, aperture, field of view and image resolution etc. The German optics standards ensure multiple layers of glass molded to create the top quality concave lens. These types of lenses always provide positive kind of distortion to the inbound light rays. Coupled with optimized refractive index, the lens is able to bring larger field of view within the one time focus during inspection. In fact you will be able to experience highest levels of image quality, resolution and magnification enhancements using the standard lenses of Borescopes.
  • Hardware Standards: – For the optical components to work seamlessly, the quality of internal pipes, camera heads, lighting controls, rotating knobs, articulation controls and other parts are essential. Many of the American companies have applied the UL and ISO standards for the design and manufacturing of these parts. Compatibility between multiple brands makes them adaptable for every type of product with ease. Once the alignment of the hardware components is streamlined properly, the optimization of optical devices becomes easy.
  • Construction Standards: – The standard quality Borescopes are designed to work under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, humidity and other parameters. This is made possible by the construction methods and the materials used. Stainless steel, brass, copper, fiber and other alloys and compounds are used for strengthening the outer structure of the exterior body. Basic characteristics like water resistance, pressure endurance, resistance to oil and saline conditions etc are embedded during the design and manufacturing stages.


  • Camera Standards: – The Borescopes might have eyepiece or cameras for viewing and recording the images and videos. Some of the models use dual systems in parallel. The camera is generally supported by CMOS chip to enhance the footage quality and sharpness. By combining the power of LED the camera is able to capture high resolution footages and transform them into highly magnified output for inspection.