The In And Out Of Hormone Therapy

There cannot be denying the important role that the hormones have in regulating human functions.  They are particularly a means of the body to time and regulate functions that are supposed to follow a set pattern.  And it is not that the hormones are the same in the men as with the women.  The different roles that the men and women get to perform in society and in the families are more or less regulated by the flow of hormones and hormone therapy does get to bring about a smoother transition to the various roles people get to perform in lives.  Thus hormones do to a large extent decide on the changes in roles that people in general get to perform in society as a whole.hormone therapy

The importance of hormone therapy in women

It is a more accepted way of life for the women to feel the changes of the differing hormonal levels in the body than the men folks.  This is due to the central role that menopause plays in defining the changing roles of women in society and the increasing need to remain relevant.  With most women as they cross the 40 year mark, they tend to kind of slow down.  The decreasing hormonal levels cause the cessation of the cycles and the more mellowing of the person.

In a certain group of women the decreased hormone levels can cause not just decreased energy levels but serious adjustment problems that would need serious corrective steps.  This is the prime role that using hormone replacement does to make up for the decrease in production of the hormones in the body.  Thus it becomes possible to overcome the negative aspects of changes in hormonal levels and at the same time move along a path that causes the best of adjustments.

Thus the therapy using hormones primarily seeks to make up for the decrease in the production of most female hormones by introducing the hormones extraneously to bring about a greater balance of the hormonal levels.  With time the natural action of the body to be producing a lesser level of hormones past the 40s is gradually brought to the person thus  causing a lesser distressful transition in life.

The importance of the hormonal ratios

It is observed that the men and the women do have more or less the same type of hormones in the bodies.  It is that the different sexes are having a different proportion or ratio of the hormonal levels, thus bringing about a differention of the sexes.  It is to a large extent possible to bring about a more effeminate behavior to the men by increasing the female hormones and for the women it is possible to bring about a higher masculine features by increasing the male hormones too.hormone therapy

Thus the importance to maintain the proper ratios of the hormones is brought out to good effect by this demonstration.  The very masculinity and the very feminity of a person are basically defined by the proper hormones and no more.