How to Make Your Boobs Bigger after Menopause

The challenges of how to make your boobs bigger after menopause could be met successfully when you opt for natural methods. The anatomy of your boobs consists of blood vessels and nerves in thousands within the small area of your body. All of them originate from the ribs and chest walls. They spread through the Pectoralis muscles into the ligaments, lobes ducts and the nipple. The first task is to strengthen these nerves and blood arteries. Once this is complete, the muscles and tissues start growing naturally due to the supply of nutrients and oxygen.

how to make your boobs biggerThe natural ingredients of the supplements can digest the minerals and vitamins in the foods you eat faster. They get redirected into the boobs region through the opening ribs and blood vessels. Every cell and tissue in the boobs can absorb these ingredients, especially after menopause. In some people the process may happen faster, while in others it may be gradual. But the overall effects are visible for you to observe and take a decision.

How to Make Your Boobs Bigger the Right Way

The procedure on how to make your boobs bigger gets streamlined when you choose the supplements with the most natural and effective ingredients. Some of them you can consider are fenugreek, Dong quai, kelp, watercress, Dandelion, blessed thistle and fennel.

  • Making the balance of hormones tilt towards production of estrogen and progesterone can help in enhancing the size and numbers of fatty tissues. They are spread all over the entire volume of the boobs and form the basis on which the fullness of the boobs gets complete. Supply of vital minerals, nutrients and minerals can make it happen within short span of time.
  • The task of reducing the production of testosterones is an important factor if you wish to know how to make your boobs bigger. This is achieved with the help of Dong quai, kelp and watercress.
  • You need to massage your entire boob regions with your bare fingers and massaging lotion. This is an external method of inserting the elements into your boobs region. Gently spread the liquid all over the boobs starting from the areola till the ribs. As the ingredients start going in your boobs can experience complete relaxation from the stress factors. These methods compensate the external stress and increase the growth of tissues and cells with the help of food ingredients.

how to make your boobs bigger

  • Eating nutritious foods like whole grains, rice and barley can produce high volume of fiber. They can enhance the entire network of nerves, blood vessels and the muscles within short interval of time. This can result in growth of internal organs like the lobes, tissues, ligaments and other parts of the boobs. In the beginning the growth will be in gradual manner. If you are consistent with the three golden principles of supplements with food, massaging and exercising can help eliminate all the negative elements. Once you start following the guidelines you can master the science of how to make your boobs bigger.