How To Easily Measure Utility Kilts

Utility kilts are gaining more and more popularity with each single passing day. It is for the type of people who prefer more of an affordable alternative than the original tartan kilts.

People who are looking for a kilt that can easily held up rough and tough conditions then utility kilt is the straight answer. These type of kilts are made of high quality and tough cotton drill material and they also come with a ton of pockets. They are a perfect choice for someone who is a working man.

So, in this article I’m going to show you how to measure your utility kilt and this method is also applicable for traditional kilts as well.

How to Measure a Utility Kilt

It is important to remember that you cannot order a kilt based on your jeans or based on some other kilt size. It is in your best interest that you always do the measurements.

If you simply go ahead and buy a kilt based on your pants size then there’s a good chance that it will not fit. However, if you have a recent bought kilt lying around then you can certainly go with that size but remember there are some size differences between utility kilts and traditional kilts.

So, you must check the sizing guide for any type of kilt you are looking to purchase. So, let’s go ahead and find out how to measure a utility kilt.

  • Before we start with the main procedure, let’s go ahead and measure where you plan to wear the kilt, whether it’s up your bellybutton or whether it’s down low.
  • There are many people who get that part wrong, they measure at the bellybutton but wears their kilt at their waist and that’s why it doesn’t fit well. So, keep that point in mind when measuring.
  • After measuring the waist, then comes the hips. Now, I’m going to show you a little technique that will help you get the perfect hip sizing. So, grab a chair and sit on it.
  • Put your both feet together and with the help of measuring tape, measure the size of your hips. Make sure to find the widest spot and measure from there.
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  • The last thing that is left to measure is the length of the kilt. So, in order to do that, you will need to sit on your one knee and ensure your back is straight and then measure from the floor to your bellybutton.
  • However, if you are looking to buy a camouflage military style kilt then stay in that same position but measure from your bellybutton to the top of your knee.

Make sure to ask a friend or family for help with the measuring process because if you tried it yourself then you will most likely lean forward and the measurements will be altered.