What is NTS?

National Testing Service also known as NTS was introduced in Musharaf regime for providing scholarships to student who intend to study abroad. As time passes it became an organization which conducts aptitude tests for different universities and colleges across the country.  In case you are looking to apply for NTS Jobs 2020 then we have the list for you.

As per our report, NTS conducts around 2 tests every month for one thing or other. The appearance fees ranges from Rs500 to Rs700. There are approximately 40000 to 50000 candidates appears for the examination.

Mainly, NTS survives for conducting GAT for scholarships and also entrance tests for different universities of the country.

NTS is the member of International Association for Educational Assessment and also recognized by Higher Education Commission. It was established so that higher education standards can be ensured into the education system of Pakistan. NTS has been ensuring merit base admissions and recruitment.

As time passed, NTS is also responsible for conducting tests for different organizations for recruitment. It has made the recruitment process smooth and merit based. It is usually presumed that whoever has appeared for NTS is considered as the competent for the seat.

NTS has maintained a professional behavior and has been ensuring competency in the country since a decade.  NTS tests are usually objective basis testing the smartness, academics and memory of students. However, it also conducts subjective examination for various organizations. NTS provides professional recruitment services to various department saving time and resources of the recruiting firms. Due to its credibility, people trust and rely on the service of NTS and they are very much happy with the results and outcomes.

NTS keeps on announcing jobs on daily basis and these jobs are announced on various newspapers of the country and also on the Official website of the NTS. Almost all the major newspapers of the country covers the news and resources of NTS.