Learn to distinguish a genuine bag from another that is not

Before paying for a very expensive bag, pay attention to the product that you are going to acquire because it is possible that it is an imitation of another brand

Buying a brand bag is like buying a car. You must take it very seriously and review every detail. However, they often want to cheat us and sell us, instead of some famous brand, a simple imitation. That is why we have put together several tips that will not allow you to buy a ถุงซิปล็อค.

  1. Pay attention to details

You should check every bag of any famous brand carefully to make sure it meets quality standards. Irregular seams, strands and any other type of imperfection are totally unacceptable. In addition, things so expensive and brand, usually, are made by hand, so if the seller starts telling you stories of production defects, something is wrong.

  1. Distinguish fasteners and zippers

Pay special attention to the closures: zippers, buttons and other details like that look perfect, often they are given the mark that serves as a seal of quality and guarantee of the originality of the object.

  1. The material

The famous brands almost do not use thick and rigid skin, opting for thinner materials but of very good quality. The paint must be homogeneous, without dripping or visible wear. At the same time, branded bags are flexible and restore their shape immediately.

  1. Look at the name of the brand

Sometimes by examining the details we overlook the most important thing: the name. Many times the name of the brand is written in a different, irregular or with errors.

  1. The serial number

The serial number is the most important sign of authenticity. The stamp with the number is attached in such a way that it is impossible to remove it or damage it. In an imitation the stamp with the number many times is simply pasted on top.

  1. The packaging

Remember: an expensive brand always has an expensive package made of high quality materials. The packaging does not have any imperfection of paint: nothing of stains or alterations of colour. All additional accessories are always well packaged and make up the same set with the bag, never sold separately or given as a gift.

  1. Characteristics of the brand

Before going to the store, take some time to look for the special features of the brand you plan to purchase. Remember that each brand has its unique details.


For example, an original Prada bag will never have a contrasting lining; the lining of the same tone as the bag is one of the characteristics of these bags. While the lining of Dior is deep red with the logo of the brand. A different lining is already a reason for you to be alert.

Cost of bag:

Never buy a bag which is less in price but poor in quality. Because it will cost of double as low quality bag life is also small. So always buy best bag for your usages.