Ways to Ride a hoverboard

How to ride a hoverboard?

If you want to know the definition of hoverboard then you can say that. A hoverboard is a self-balancing electric scooter that can propel itself forward using electric motors. Hoverboards are becoming popular day by day not only among kids but adults as well. It is a nice and fun way of commuting.

It does not require the balance of the tight rope walker to be able to ride these hoverboards but still, you may need practice because practice makes a man perfect.

Safety Tips

With any commuting machine, safety measures have to be taken into consideration. You should not directly jump on your hoverboard unprepared. Before you go on your way you should take into consideration safety gear

Following safety gear is recommended for you.

  1. Always wear your helmet
  2. Wrist guards are also very important
  3. Knee pads will protect your knees
  4. Elbow pads are important as well
  5. Tailbone protector is quite underrated but it will protect your tailbone when your fall

Properly preparing yourself will help you not to get injured when riding a hoverboard. You should always keep this thought in your mind that a hoverboard can go up to 8 to 10 miles per hour. While we must say these are not the speeds of an air jet but these speeds can cause serious injuries when not wearing your protective gear.

So it is again emphasized that you keep your safety gear on to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. you should always give special attention to the protection of your body parts. When you wear all of the above-mentioned gear then you can step on your hoverboard to get ready for the next step.

Riding Your hoverboard

Now you are all geared up and ready to hit the road on your hoverboard. You need to put down the hoverboard and follow the following steps.

  1. you should always put your hoverboard in front of you on an even surface.
  2. now you can step on the hoverboard with your dominant foot, or whichever foot you feel comfortable with. You need to make sure that the hoverboard is in a flat place on the ground because once it starts to move it becomes difficult to mount on it.
  3. now put your other foot on the hoverboard, your feet need to be positioned as far from each other as possible. It is this stance that is most recommended. If you are looking for control, then this stance will take you far.

While standing up straight keep your face facing forward. Feeling awkward on the first try is totally natural you can even tense up a little. If you do feel tense, then you should try to relax and put all of your concentration on standing.

Let your stance be as normal as possible. If you followed the above instruction carefully then at this point you should be riding on your hoverboard

  1. to keep moving you need to learn how to pivot your ankle up and down by doing this you are shifting your weight. If you do this correctly, then you should be moving forward comfortably. We must warn you about pivoting your body weight.

If you pivot more and more you will fall down from the hoverboard and it will cause, you many injuries.

Moving Forward And Turing

To move forward and backward you need to slightly lean forward while not allowing your waist to bend. This movement is mostly controlled by your ankle.

Turing requires your toes to move. To turn left then you should pressure on your right toe and turn left you should put pressure on your left toe.

Now to dismount you should perform the above-mentioned mounting technique in reverse. As you need to shift your weight on the foot you feel most comfortable. That is usually your dominant foot now while doing this you should step down from the hoverboard using the other foot.

You should always avoid jumping down directly from your moving hoverboard as this will result in some serious injuries.


Well, it is a bit difficult to ride an off-road hoverboard.

In this article, we explained the basic way of riding your hoverboard. Always remember safety is better than cure, you should always ensure the safety of yourself. Whenever you want to ride your hoverboard you need to put on your safety gear.

This gear generally includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. when you are all geared up only then we recommend you to start riding your hoverboard. Now coming back to riding. A hoverboard is a self-balancing electric scooter so balancing on it does not require you to learn to walk the tight rope.

You can follow the simple steps mentioned above and start riding right away. You can go forward with a simple shift in weight and you can also turn by using your toes. Also, read this buying guide about the best hoverboards in the USA. I am sure, that you will enjoy that guide.